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Commercial Knife Rental and Sharpening Service Est 1928

Extraordinarily Sharp Knives

A business that has been established since 1928, purely doing sharpening, knows what it takes to make an extraordinarily sharp, long lasting edge. 

Our technique uses multiple sharpening equipment on each knife, water-cooled throughout, to produce an exceptionally sharp edge that is easy to maintain afterwards. 

We supply our own knives for our rental service, to ensure our clients do not need to worry about wear and tear. Our knives are fully colour coded and compliant with food hygiene requirements using poly colour coded plastics and high grade stainless steel. There is no need to worry about loss or damage to the knives, as they are covered by our fair use insurance, included for every customer. 

How does your Sharpening Service work?

We provide you with a sharp set of knives. 

The knives are included as part of our service. There is no charge and no deposit for the use of our knives. 

When our driver visits your commercial kitchen you will choose the types / sizes / colours of knives you need. 

Then every 2 or 4 weeks these knives will be exchanged for an identical sharp set. There will never be a charge for loss or damage to the knives as part of our fair use policy. This means you never need worry about knives getting worn, damaged or missing knives effecting the operation of your commercial kitchen.

We design our knives specifically for the UK Knife Rental service, to be used in UK commercial kitchens. They are made with high grade stainless steel and have high resistant colour coded poly handles, fully compliant with UK health and hygiene regulations. 

The knives are bought direct from our factory in the Far East by the container load, made to our specifications, ensuring a product which is able to get an exceptionally sharp edge, designed for the commercial kitchen and produced to be supplied at an extraordinarily competitive price.


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